Make some cool images.

# Use anything.

PhotoBox can use almost any Discord element that has an image. It can use avatars, server icons, server banners, server splash images, any emoji and images within embeds or URLs. If an image source was not defined (as an argument or from a reply), it will look for past 25 messages or use your avatar.

# Many templates and filters to choose from.

PhotoBox has multiple templates and filters to put your images through! From calling someone art to making it a ROBLOX shirt to putting them in jail, it has something for everyone. Want to make a cool looking Minecraft achievement? Or give someone a citation? PhotoBox has it.

# An image collection of awesome.

Reaction GIFs, cute animals and much more! PhotoBox has many commands that get a random image of anything you want. Cats, dogs, pandas, snakes, coffee, birds and others.

# Slash commands? Yes please.

The newest Discord feature, slash commands, can be used with PhotoBox. PhotoBox has slash commands for a portion of the commands that make it easier for users to have a fancier look and feel for using commands.