# Available Media

PhotoBox can get media from a variety of sources. The [media] argument shown in most usages of generation commands can be multiple things listed.

# User Avatars

To use your avatar, set the media argument to [avatar], [avy] or [a]. (includes brackets) You can also use other user's avatars by setting the argument as a mention of the user. If there is no argument and no other media could be found, your avatar will be used.

Ex. pbox grayscale [avatar]

# Discord Guild Elements

To use guild's icon, set the media argument to [icon], [i], [server] or [s]. (includes brackets) To use guild's banner, set the media argument to [banner], [bnr] or [b]. To use guild's splash image, set the media argument to [splash] or [spl].

# Emojis

You can set the media to any default or custom emoji.

Ex. pbox grayscale 😃

# Image URLs

Any image URL will work with PhotoBox. The image must not exceed 2MB. ::: warn The URL must have the content-length header at this moment. If you do not know what that means, well-known image hosting sites like Imgur will always work with PhotoBox. URLs from Discord will also always work. :::

# Past Messages

Past messages will be checked if no arguments were given. The following media will be checked against past messages:

  • Embed images/thumbnails
  • URLs
  • Attachments

# Replies

Replying to a message with a PhotoBox command will act as if the message being replied to is a past message.

# Stickers

You can now use stickers within generation commands! This is still an experimental feature and some sticker packs may not render correctly. Sticker packs like "What's Up Wumpus" will work correctly, but "Wumpus Nitro Elite" may run into problems.

Last Updated: 7/27/2023, 1:29:31 AM